In my psychiatric practice I am witnessing a major societal conflict about values. And it is happening in the lives of the individuals who are sitting on my couch, right in front of me.

Value One: The value of personal happiness: Shouldn’t I be entitled to be happy?

Value Two: There is the value of family and clan: My family needs me; I can’t consider breaking up my marriage!

Culture is powerful and with so many divorces catching our attention, whether it is Al and Tipper Gore, Tiger Woods or simply your best friend, we are all influenced.

What are your values? Are they to your happiness or to your family or a mix of both?

The Intelligent Divorce enters at this point. I believe that even if you are choosing divorce. Or if divorce has chosen you, there is another choice to be made. Can you choose a divorce with more functionality than you may have otherwise done, by consciously deciding to divorce intelligently?

Now, that is a value worth pursuing.

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