The mind is tricky and sometimes it can backfire on you.

When you have to deal with a difficult person, a difficult decision or you’re having a tough time parenting, it’s essential to think clearly. And who always does, right?  In this series, we’ve been discussing the problem of divorcing a person displaying narcissistic features. And, it’s not easy.

So, today I bring a cautionary tale from my life. It’s about hubris and stupidity. It’s about naïveté and being green behind the ears. But really it’s a story about how “healthy” narcissism can get you into trouble. We’re often not as in charge as we think.

Deep breath: when dealing with a potentially dangerous person, hubris can backfire. Humility—rather than fear or overconfidence—is key to success in handling a person with a Personality Disorder or a Character Trap. Know thyself is an ancient teaching—and I can’t recommend psychotherapy, and knowing thyself more than to a person going through a divorce with a very difficult ex.

A narcissistic ex may be difficult, but you can make it worse by over or under reacting.

Here is my story. It is a small moment in time that taught me a lot…Read more


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