Last week, we discussed narcissistic personalities in divorce. Now, let’s elaborate on this subject, and go over some some precautions that may help you when dealing with a narcissistic ex husband or wife. You may think that a narcissist is simply selfish and draining to deal with, but individuals with such a demanding sense of self are sometimes teetering close to the edge.

The danger of divorce and the narcissist: Divorce brings many pressures to bear on anyone going through it; worries about money, custody, legal issues, abandonment, betrayal and especially loss. One can never underestimate the tsunami like power of stress in divorce—it can regress your ex spouse to a more manipulative and primitive state.

There are two major paths to the narcissistic ex during a divorce.

The first is that you simply married a highly narcissistic person and will have to deal with the consequences of that choice. He was compelling, handsome, and successful—and you thought that he loved you. Well, he may only have loved the fact that you loved him. He may have been in love with being in love. But, once the fairytale ended, he started criticizing you for all your alleged faults. And, when criticized he would lick his wounds or attack. You married a man who always wanted to win, and you got tired. Unfortunately, an ex like this tends to worsen with divorce because he hates the loss of control, but you have respite and hope for a new life down the road. You are not trapped by one bad decision; divorce can give you a second chance…Read more


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