Mother’s Day, a time to appreciate what you’ve got: If you’re a parent, or think about being a parent, know one thing – parenting is not about freedom.  It’s about love; because the minute you deliver or adopt a child, your life changes forever. You are no longer the center of your existence – nor is your partner.

I know that you know this, but children demand attention, work and love; and often on their schedule.

Welcome to motherhood, with all it’s demands and commitments. I hope you’re getting used to it, because it’s a good thing.

Life is full of limits: We are hungry, we eat and are satiated. We lust and are satisfied. We arise and later, need to sleep. We live and we die. A person at 5 years of age is not the same as she will be at 10 or 20; which is not like a person at 30, 40 and so forth.  And with each age is a new birthday, a new set of days; with each day never to return.

You are given your body; and no matter how much you work out or alter it with plastic surgery, it’s still the only body you’ll ever get. It may have a good back or not; a tendency towards stomach trouble or not; it may be lightly pigmented, darkly pigmented or whatever providence has decided.

Understanding that this body is the only body you’ll have is accepting limits – and gaining wisdom.

The point is that limits are inherent in existence.

We choose, therefore we are: You can have multiple lovers; but only one first love and you can be married to only one person at a time. To commit to a lover – to a person – is to take on a limit.

Yet, our imagination rebels against limits. We hate it like death itself; and there is a good reason.

The word, DECIDE comes from the Latin root “to cut.” To make an INCISION is to cut in; to make a DECISION is to cut off. We all intuitively understand the loss involved in making a decision. You are limiting your options (i.e. other women or men) by choosing only one…Read more


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