It’s spring, and with it are new flowers,warm breezes and holidays of renewal, like Passover and Easter. In this second, in our series on marriage and relationships, I would like to promote the idea of freedom; as in what freedom can mean for a marriage.

And, it may not be what you think.
Freedom to Slavery: You entered marriage freely—and years later, you want stay in it as a free man or woman. Moreover, you want to be free to be yourself and be loved for being you. Yet, as you probably know, it’s easy to feel trapped in a marriage. And your spouse may feel stuck too.

So, if you’ve lost your way, how did you get there and what can you do?

Our traditions tell us a lot about freedom, second chances; and that out of winter can come renewal.

The Hope of Marriage: Marriage almost always starts with an idealization. You look at him and believe that he will make you happy, take care of you, and complete you forever (and those children will be so beautiful and smart). True love truly has something going for it.  You look in her inviting eyes and see a universe of fulfilled longing and promise. Indeed, you have all you will ever need right next to you.

These moments are embedded in the happily ever after stories of childhood. Disney (bless their hearts) has made a fortune on the hopes and dreams of generations. Think of Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, and Sleeping Beauty. These are among the many fairy tales that speak to the young heart with a promise of a Prince Charming or of a Princess who will complete your dreams.  Stories like these are both ancient and modern, for romantic love preceded Disney by hundreds of years. Today it may be Ryan Reynolds saving some woman, yesterday it was a gallant knight and his damsel in distress…Read more


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