Can your kids come out alright in a divorce.
Yes, they can.

Let me tell you how.

The Intelligent Divorce Course |
The Intelligent Divorce Course |

You need The Complete Intelligent Divorce Course...

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    For a single one-time fee, you get immediate direct advice and learning techniques from leading psychiatrist Dr. Mark Banschick plus downloads, situational analysis, and techniques to improve your life and the life of your kids during divorce.
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    Watch, re-watch, take notes, download the learning guides and develop the skills you need to help yourself and your kids thrive during divorce.
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    If you don't feel that you've learned new skills to help you cope during a difficult divorce, then we will refund your money.
The Intelligent Divorce Course |

And you get so much more in the Complete course!

9 Video Courses (with 41 individual lesson videos) that will will help you keep your kids healthy. 

Module 1

The Intelligent Divorce

5 Part Video Series

The initial problems of divorce and how to handle them. How to tell your children about the upcoming divorce? Learn how to protect the innocence of your children.

Module 2 

Taking Care Of Your


6 Part Video Series

Research tells us much about the impact of divorce on children. How does child development factor into divorce? How do you talk to your kids?

Module 3

Child's Bill of Rights

5 Part Video Series

Children have rights in a divorce. Does your ex pay attention to their needs? Do you sometimes forget about what they need? Download the Child’s Bill of Rights. 

Module 4

Parenting In Divorce

6 Part Video Series

Proven ways to raise healthier kids that thrive in divorce.  Learn 10 powerful parenting techniques that will help your kids feel hopeful and connected with you. 

Module 5

The Ex Spouse

7 Part Video Series

Not every ex-spouse is ready. Learn how to take control and not be triggered. Are you in a power struggle? How do you handle it?

Module 6

The Big Fight

6 Part Video Series

Dealing with a provocative and out of control moment.In module 6 we break down "The Big Fight" through actor simulation and learn how to handle difficult encounters.

Module 7

Making Co-Parenting Work

4 Part Video Series

Co-parenting can be difficult.  It takes work. Learn communication techniques such as mirroring, clarification and striking when the iron is cold to deal with your Ex.

Module 8

The Difficult Ex

1 Part Video Series

Sometimes a difficult ex can become truly malignant.  How do you deal effectively with an impossible ex-spouse?

Module 9

BONUS - The Legal Arena

1 Part Video Slide Series

Understanding the legal terms. Know your basic legal terms, because knowledge is power.

About the Mark Banschik, MD

Mark Banschick, M.D. is a psychiatrist, columnist and an advocate for healthy living.  He trained at Georgetown University Hospital and New York Hospital/Cornell Weil Medical Center.  Dr. B has appeared on CBS’s The Early Show, and contributes regularly to Psychology Today and The Huffington Post.

In recent years, Dr. Banschick has identified a need for a saner way to get divorced, and so The Intelligent Divorce Project was born.The project features two books, The Intelligent Divorce: Taking Care of Your Children () and The Intelligent Divorce: Taking Care of Yourself, a radio show and an online parenting course. D


What You'll Get

Nine modules with forty-one lessons that you can access any time you want to.

The Intelligent Divorce also has worksheets and downloadable PDF summaries that can be printed out for yourself and your family.

Easy access to your personal portal where you can learn at your own pace.

The Intelligent Divorce Course |

What People Are Saying...

The Intelligent Divorce Course |


"The Intelligent Divorce" is a smart and intelligent guide for people contemplating or in the midst of a family separation process involving their children. ”

Anne Wennerstrand

The Intelligent Divorce Course |

“Having "been there and done that" divorce, I can say that there are many things that my ex-husband and I could have done better. Not so much in the divorce, but how and what our kids were told.”


Is This Course Right For You?

Only you know if you are ready to make a change in how your Divorce unfolds.

Who is this for

  • The Intelligent Divorce Course |
    Parents & Family who want their kids to thrive during a divorce.
  • The Intelligent Divorce Course |
    Parents who are ready to open communication with their Ex.
  • The Intelligent Divorce Course |
    Parents who cannot work with their Difficult Ex and need help handling out of control situations.
  • The Intelligent Divorce Course |
    Parents who want their kids to feel hopeful and connected to them.

Who is this not for

  • The Intelligent Divorce Course |
    Parents who want to manipulate their Ex.
  • The Intelligent Divorce Course |
    Parents who overshare or do not respect the innocence of their children.
  • The Intelligent Divorce Course |
    Parents not ready to move forward.
  • The Intelligent Divorce Course |
    Parents struggling with regression.
100% Money Back Guarantee

Try The Intelligent Divorce Course risk free for 90 days and if you do not feel that you have not learned the skills to improve the lives of your kids and yourself then just send us a message and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

The Intelligent Divorce Course |


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