The vast majority of kidnappings in the United States are a result of disagreeing parties in a divorce. A high percentage of abuse in America occurs between couples that are divorcing.


Divorce causes people to regress. It brings out the worst in people. They do things that they would never do under normal circumstances. Some people engage in irrational behavior that causes terrible damage. Children suffer when their parents engage in an aggressive legal battle or when a parent tries to turn the children against their spouse.
When one parent behaves in a hurtful way, the other parent seeks to retaliate. Then the first parent responds with additional abuse and the other parent feels the need to respond in kind. This creates a negative feedback loop that can go on for years in a malignant self sustaining way that brings nothing but misery for everybody in the family.

It only takes one parent, who decides to stop reacting to negative behavior, to break the negative feedback loop.

It’s worth it. It’s worth swallowing your pride and giving up your indignation for the sake of your children’ well being.

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